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Why Use a Property MAnager?

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Kingston, Belleville, Brighton & Quinte West Area

Property Management 

Full service management is offered whether you have a portfolio of properties, or if you have just a single spot. 


1. Not treating property investing as a business

​2. Forming a direct relationship with the tenant
​​3. Thinking of the property as your own home

4. Not keeping the property in good condition/conducting repairs quickly

​5. No depreciation schedule

​​6. Not increasing rents regularly

​7. Losing focus on the bigger picture

​8. Paying down tax-deductible debt before non-deductible

​9. Not using a good accountant who understands property

10. Not using a property manager

top 10 mistakes property owners make

What are the benefits of using a Property Manager and what services can you expect them to offer.

If you're looking for a great area to expand your portfolio into, investing in rental property deserves some serious consideration. Find out more about the opportunities we offer.

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